Everyone wants to drive a clean car, especially people who drive a new Alfa Romeo Giulia. Keeping your vehicle clean on your own can be difficult, which is why our team here at Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica recommends detailing your vehicle. 

What is Detailing? 

Professional car detailing is a thorough cleaning service that is designed to restore a vehicle to a factory-like level of cleanliness. Unlike a car wash, car detailing requires professional cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Why Detailing is Important

From your daily commute to your weekend getaways, your Alfa Romeo Giulia could always use extensive detailing. Getting a car detailing can help your vehicle maintain its brand-new look, or it can restore your vehicle to its former glory.

If you want your Alfa Romeo Giulia to last a lifetime, then scheduling a car detailing once a year is a must.

Three Essential Parts of Detailing Your Alfa Romeo Giulia

  • Under the hood cleaning. Carwashes will clean the outside of your Alfa Romeo vehicle, but have you ever cleaned under the hood of your vehicle? This process requires lots of finesse, so let the professionals at our Alfa Romeo service center take care of it.
  • Exhaust pipe cleaning. Eventually,  your car’s exhaust pipes will experience grime build-up, but we don’t advise cleaning it yourself. Our service specialists will use the right tools and cleaning supplies to properly clean your exhaust pipes. 
  • Wheels. During a car detailing, our professionals will clean your tires and wheels. In addition, we’ll spray them with a protective coat to keep them shiny and prevent further damage.

Visit Our Alfa Romeo Service Center

Head to our Alfa Romeo service center to schedule your car detailing service for your Alfa Romeo Giulia. Visit us soon!