Making the decision to purchase an Alfa Romeo vehicle is a big one, and many customers struggle to decide whether to purchase a vehicle outright or to invest in an Alfa Romeo lease. While both are viable options for buyers, the decision our customers ultimately make depends entirely on their own needs and habits.

To help Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica customers make a decision about leasing, we have put together this guide to answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: Are leasing and renting the same thing?

A: They are basically the same with one major exception—if you decide to lease, you will get a new Alfa Romeo vehicle that will be driven only by you. Rentals have been driven countless times by others long before they get to you.

Q: Are leases more affordable?

A: They definitely can be, especially with current lease deals. But in a general sense, monthly lease payments are lower than monthly loan payments, sometimes by as much as 50 percent. Buying may cost less if you plan to keep a vehicle for ten years, but for drivers who like to swap out vehicles frequently, leases are more cost-effective.

Q: Are there really mile limitations on leased vehicles?

A: While many leases limit vehicles to about 10,000 miles per year, there are of course other types of leases to accommodate those who drive more or fewer miles each year.

Q: What if I love my leased vehicle? Can I decide to buy it?

A: Of course! If you end up loving your vehicle and don’t want to get rid of it when your lease is over, we can negotiate a fair price for you to keep it permanently.

Our Alfa Romeo dealers near Los Angeles suggest taking a long, hard look at your financing plans before signing on the dotted line. Leasing may be the best option for you!