When you need to schedule Alfa Romeo service for your vehicle, head to Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica. From basic service like oil changes to advice on caring for your Alfa Romeo vehicle, we’re here to help you out. So, when you need to learn how to jump-start your car, you can trust our Alfa Romeo service team.

Jump-Starting Your Alfa Romeo Vehicle

  1. Keep Jumper Cables On-Hand: We recommend always keeping jumper cables in your vehicle, along with a flashlight and an emergency vehicle kit. If your battery gives out while you’re on the road, you’ll have the tools you need to jump-start your car to get back home. If you need jumper cables or an emergency vehicle kit, you can always purchase them at our Santa Monica dealership.
  2. Get a Portable Jump Starter: Keeping a portable jump starter in your car means you won’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers to restart your vehicle.
  3. Attaching Jumper Cables: When you attach your jumper cables to the two vehicles, make sure to do it in the correct order. Use the mnemonic “Red on Dead,” to remember to place the red cable on the dead battery.
  4. Let it Run: Once you’ve restarted your car, let it run for a while to make sure the battery charges properly. Then, get your battery checked at our Alfa Romeo dealership to see why it ran out of charge in the first place.

Visit Our Alfa Romeo Service Center

Do you still need advice on service and maintenance for your Alfa Romeo vehicle? Head to our Alfa Romeo service center in Santa Monica, CA. Visit us today to get started!