Even the best-made vehicles need the occasional tune-up every now and then. To get expert Alfa Romeo service for your vehicle, visit Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica.

Our expert service team is here to answer all of your questions about Alfa Romeo service, including when to replace your headlights. Though you don’t have to replace them often, it helps to have a timetable so you can stay on top of maintenance. 

When to Replace Your Headlights 

Figuring out when to replace your headlights can be a bit difficult. Here are the four most common signs you need to get new headlights:

  • Flickering. Failing headlights will start to flicker on and off when the bulbs are dying out. Once you notice this flickering, it’s only a matter of time before your headlight stops functioning altogether. 
  • Dimming. Similar to flickering, dimming is a surefire way to detect dying headlights. Pay attention to the brightness levels of your headlights; if they’re noticeably dimmer than before, they may be on their way out. 
  • Blown fuses. What if your headlight bulbs are constantly burning down? These blown fuses may just be the result of faulty headlight bulbs, but if this occurs after replacing the bulbs, you may have a larger issue that needs to be looked at. 
  • High beams vs. low beams. If your low beams don’t work but your high-beams do, try swapping the two bulbs. If this fixes it, then all you need is a new bulb for your headlights, which you can buy at our Alfa Romeo parts department. If the problem persists, then you may have a larger issue at hand.

Stop By Our Alfa Romeo Service Center 

When you’re ready to replace your headlights, schedule an appointment at our Alfa Romeo service center. We can’t wait to help you take care of your new Alfa Romeo vehicle. Visit soon to get expert advice and service!