When it comes to servicing an Alfa Romeo vehicle in or around Santa Monica, CA, drivers essentially have two choices. They can either take their vehicle to their local Alfa Romeo service center, or they can find a corner shop to do the service instead.

Here at Alfa Romeo Santa Monica, we encourage all our customers to choose the first option, but that’s not just our biased opinion. There are a handful of important reasons why dealerships are better equipped to handle your Alfa Romeo vehicle than a run-of-the-mill auto shop.

Three Reasons to Use Alfa Romeo Service Centers

#1 Our Technicians Are Alfa Romeo Experts

Not only are our service techs specially trained to work on Alfa Romeo vehicles, but they spend most of their days working exclusively on Alfa Romeo vehicles.

Those corner shops are jacks of all trades but masters of none, while we have the training and expertise to know and fix problems with these models specifically.

#2 Only Dealerships Can Handle Warranty Issues and Recalls

If you’ve got a problem that is covered by a warranty or recall, our dealership will make those repairs for free. Corner service shops, meanwhile, don’t have the ability to do so, which means you could be spending unnecessary money on repairs.

#3 Genuine Auto Parts Are Better for Vehicles

We use only genuine auto parts at our service center, where corner service shops use generic parts. Genuine parts fit better, match better, and are better for the long-term integrity of your vehicle.

Taking all of this into consideration, the next time you’re in need of service, visit your Santa Monica Alfa Romeo dealership to get the possible care for your automobile. We take great care of Alfa Romeo vehicles, and we hope that will include yours for your next service appointment!