If you drive a new Alfa Romeo car, you’re probably concerned with maintaining that “new car” quality. Fortunately, our team here at Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica is here to help you with vehicle maintenance. From car washes to oil changes, our Alfa Romeo service team can tell you exactly how to maintain a new Alfa Romeo car.

  • Check Tire Pressure: About once a month you should check the pressure on your tires using a pressure gauge. Be sure to do this when the tires are cold, not after you’ve been driving. Make sure to inflate your tires to the recommended pressure and not the maximum pressure. At this time, check to see if your tires have uneven or abnormal tread wear.
  • Get Regular Car Washes: Weekly or bi-weekly car washes can go a long way to preserving that “new car look.” Either a drive-through car wash or a quick hand wash can eliminate grime and build-up. Try to aim for a thorough car detailing every six months or so, to keep your car in tip-top shape.
  • Check Your Engine Oil: We suggest checking your motor oil every month to make sure it’s in good condition. Watch out for any leaks or low levels of oil using your dipstick. If you do this regularly, along with regular oil changes, you should be able to avoid major issues with your engine before they happen.

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