When you have an Alfa Romeo lease, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Luckily for you, Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica is here to help you understand financing new Alfa Romeo cars. Starting with what to do when your Alfa Romeo lease ends.

Alfa Romeo Lease: Explained

Leasing a new Alfa Romeo vehicle is a popular option for many drivers. When you lease an Alfa Romeo vehicle from our dealership, you’ll essentially be renting a vehicle from our California Alfa Romeo dealership. During your lease, you’ll make monthly payments until the end of the agreed-upon lease length. Once your lease is over you have a few options on what to do next.

Three Things to Do at the End of Your Alfa Romeo Lease

  • Trade-In: When your lease ends, you can bring your Alfa Romeo vehicle back to our dealership and trade it in for a newer model. Essentially, you’ll be starting a new Alfa Romeo lease with our team and in return, you’ll get to drive a newer vehicle.
  • Return It: If you’re not interested in leasing anymore, then you could just return your vehicle to our dealership at the end of your lease. After that, you can buy a new vehicle, pre-owned vehicle, or walk away from buying a vehicle altogether.
  • Buy It: Many drivers grow fond of their vehicle after driving it for a while, so they opt to buy the vehicle in full at the end of their lease. Some people call this leasing to own and it’s a great option to avoid paying any fees for closing your leasing contract.

Learn More About Your Alfa Romeo Lease

Want to learn more about your Alfa Romeo lease and how to finance a new vehicle? Visit our Alfa Romeo finance center near Los Angeles, CA.