Most drivers in and around Santa Monica, CA don’t need to be reminded about the benefits of buying a used Alfa Romeo vehicle rather than a new one. There are massive savings to be found in purchasing a vehicle just a couple of years old, and models that are five or six years old are even more affordable.

The question, then, turns to what sorts of things customers should look for when perusing their local Alfa Romeo dealership for the best in pre-owned cars. Here at Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica, we hope this quick guide will help you narrow down your search.

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Alfa Romeo Vehicles

Here’s what we’d recommend when shopping for a pre-owned Alfa Romeo automobile:

  1. Take it for a test drive. There’s no way to know how a vehicle feels without driving it a little. See how it feels and if you’re comfortable behind the wheel.
  2. Consider mileage vs. age. There’s no great answer as to which is more important, but both can impact price. Obviously, the newer the vehicle and the lower the miles, the more likely you are to get a great deal.
  3. Do your research. Get a sense of what certain models may cost before getting your expectations settled on a car that may be outside your budget.
  4. View the vehicle history report. These are widely available and allow you to see what kind of condition your vehicle has been kept in and whether it’s been through any accidents.
  5. Know what you want! Having some idea of the Alfa Romeo models that work best for you and your budget will help our sales professionals find models that match your needs and wants.

Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles at Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica

If you’d like to see what we have available for purchase in our pre-owned inventory, pay us a visit at your earliest convenience so we can help you find the car that works best for you!