Every California driver knows that when the sun comes out, it’s time to get in your car and hit the beach. Instead of scouring the Internet for “Alfa Romeo parts for sale,” just head to Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica, where our expert team can help you find the Alfa Romeo accessories you need for a trip to the coast.

Best Alfa Romeo Accessories for the Beach

  1. Floor Mats: When you take your vehicle to the beach, the sand’s going to end up everywhere. It’s incredibly difficult to get sand out of the interior of your vehicle, but all-season floor mats can help. With these Alfa Romeo accessories, you can just shake off the floor mats to remove sand instead of having to vacuum your interior.
  2. Seat Covers: Our seat covers are made custom to fit your vehicle so they can protect your interior. Easy to remove and install, seat covers can protect your seats from water damage, stains, and sand.
  3. Surfboard/Bike Rack: Free up space inside your vehicle by attaching a surfboard or bike rack to your roof; this will make transport safer while protecting your bikes and surfboards.
  4. Window Tint: Prevent your vehicle’s interior from fading with a window tint or windshield sunshades. Both accessories will block out harmful UV rays. Plus, they’re a great way to keep your vehicle cool in hot weather.
  5. Cargo Organizers: Like floor mats, you can find cargo liners and organizers to store your gear and make cleaning easier. If you plan on bringing coolers, towels, and other items to the beach, you’ll want to be able to organize them in your trunk space.


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