Wondering how best to care for your new Alfa Romeo vehicle? In addition to Alfa Romeo service, our team here at Alfa Romeo Santa Monica is prepared to help you with all your vehicle care, like figuring out which fuel is right for your vehicle. When driving a high-end vehicle like an Alfa Romeo, your choice of fuel can have a big impact on your vehicle’s overall performance.

Premium vs. Regular Fuel 

The kind of fuel you use does affect your vehicle’s performance. By far, the biggest difference between premium and regular fuel is something called the octane level. The octane level refers to how capable the fuel is at resisting “knocking” during combustion.

Typically, high-performance vehicles will use fuel with a higher octane level, or premium fuel. Regular fuel, sometimes called unleaded, has a lower octane level. If you hear your engine “knocking” you may need to start using premium fuel.

Which One is Right for Your Alfa Romeo? 

As the name implies, premium fuel typically performs better with your engine, but it’s not always the right choice for your vehicle. If your vehicle has a diesel engine, then you’ll definitely need to use diesel fuel.

If you have a vehicle that’s purely used for daily drives, then regular gas will probably suffice for your vehicle, since you won’t need the benefits of premium fuel.

However, Alfa Romeo vehicles are high-performance cars, which means that premium fuel is often the better choice. When in doubt, check your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommended fuel.

Our Alfa Romeo Service Center

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