If you’ve been searching for an Alfa Romeo lease with $0 down then your search results should lead you to Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica. At our dealership, we have a team of experts to help you throughout the financing process. Our team is so good we can help you get a zero-down lease for a new Alfa Romeo vehicle.

What is a Zero-Down Alfa Romeo Lease?

Ultimately, the name says it all. A zero-down lease is simply a lease that doesn’t require a down payment.

Usually, buyers are required to pay a large sum upfront, but that’s not the case with this kind of lease. For a zero-down lease, your monthly payments will incorporate the cost of a typical down payment.

In the end, you’ll avoid paying cash upfront but will end up paying more every month. Qualifying for a zero-down lease is a bit more challenging than a regular lease, so be sure your credit score is strong and your finances are in order before you apply.

Benefits of An Alfa Romeo Lease With $0 Down

  • Affordable Upfront Costs: By far the most compelling benefit of a zero-down lease is that you spend less money upfront. In the end, you’ll end up paying the same amount for a new Alfa Romeo vehicle as a traditional lease.
  • Delayed Sales Tax: With a traditional lease, you’re required to pay the sales tax upfront with your down payment. But with a zero-down lease, the sales tax gets incorporated into your monthly lease payments.
  • Minimized Risk: Avoid the risk of a stolen or damaged leased vehicle by getting a zero-down lease. Since you won’t have to put money down, you can’t lose it.

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