When your Alfa Romeo vehicle needs repair, the only place you can count on is Alfa Romeo of Santa Monica. Many drivers are worried about the cost of maintaining a luxurious vehicle like an Alfa Romeo, but with our help, you can enjoy the thrill for years to come. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of necessary maintenance for your Alfa Romeo vehicle.  

After the First 10,000 Miles  

After 10,000 miles or approximately one year of driving, there are a few necessary maintenance tasks your vehicle will need. Starting with the engine, you’ll need to replace your oil and filter. At the same time, our team’s diagnostic tools will check your whole engine system and spot any issues.  

Most of this inspection is a check on your battery, lights, tires, and fluids. Even though this appointment is comprehensive, the work is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. That said, V6 engines are going to be slightly more expensive than four-cylinder versions. 


At 20,000 Miles  

Now that you’ve been driving your Alfa Romeo vehicle for 20,000 miles, or around two years, a more thorough maintenance appointment is necessary. At this appointment, our Alfa Romeo service team will do a brake fluid flush and replace your cabin and engine air filter, as well as perform all the checks from the 10,000-mile appointment.  

Of course, this comes at a slightly higher cost than before, but you shouldn’t expect anything major. You can save even more by keeping an eye on our website for our rotating service specials. 


Visit Our Alfa Romeo Finance Center  

Our Alfa Romeo finance department is here to help you out. We offer expert advice and recommendations on leasing, financing, and buying new Alfa Romeo vehicles for sale. Get the answers you need at our California Alfa Romeo dealership today!